“Why would we see a chiropractor if my family feels fine?”

“How can a chiropractor help my family be their healthiest?”


We all do things everyday that can cause misalignments in the spine called subluxations.  The result is stress to the nerve system, which can interrupt the body’s healthy functions.

Every family needs a chiropractor on their health care team to ensure the health of everyone’s spine and nervous system.

Corrective care chiropractors focus on identifying dangerous spinal misalignments that could be robbing your family of  vital signals that travel inside your nerves to every part of your body to make it function properly.

These misalignments are called subluxations, and they can exist without any signs or symptoms.  Getting a complete check-up by a highly trained corrective chiropractor is the only way to know if your family is truly healthy.



-chemical stress (smoking, alcohol)

-emotional stress

-slips on ice, falls on steps

-back strains

-carrying purses or children on hips

-sitting on wallets

-any previous injuries


-heavy backpacks

-sports, football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer

-roughhousing with friends

-stress from school/jobs or at home

-carrying purses or children on hips


-rough play

-sitting in a school desk

-falling out of bed

-falling off bikes, 

skateboards, etc.

-any sports activities


-stress at home


-sitting/lying all day in baby seat

-diaper changes/pulling on their legs   

-crawling/learning to walk

-bumping head

-falling off furniture

-stress in the home

-chemicals in baby food/formula

Red flags for subluxation include:

Poor posture, poor sleeping, headaches or neck pain,

colic or ear aches, sinus trouble or drippy nose, frequent colds,

bedwetting, recent falls or trauma of any kind, poor concentration/learning challenges,

digestive problem, asthma, STRESS, lower back pain, other pain of any kind.